Installation Guide

Thank you for your interest in DrDocx! To get you up and running as fast as possible, we've created a series of guides of how to use DrDocx in your everyday workflow. Let's get into the installation process.

Download the latest version

First, we're going to want to download the latest version of DrDocx. You can find a direct download link of the latest version for your platform on our homepage. If you need a different version or DrDocx for a different platform, you can find all of our releases on our GitHub Releases page, along with release notes for each version.


Once you've downloaded DrDocx, go ahead and open the file. On Windows, you may see a warning from Windows SmartScreen that the app is from an unknown publisher. This warning is safe to ignore, and you can do so by clicking 'More Info', and then the 'Run Anyway' button that appears at the bottom. Then, follow the prompts from the installer to complete your installation.


On Windows, you can choose to install DrDocx for either all users of your computer, or just your own account. This can be handy, as the latter doesn't require admin access to install.


And that's it! Go ahead and launch DrDocx, which will now be installed on your computer. It may take a few seconds to load the first time you launch it, but rest assured it'll be even faster the next time.